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Meet Our 2020 Virtual Opportunity Youth Staff

James Pruitt

My name is James Pruitt and I’m an incoming freshman at Howard University. I was born and raised in Chicago where I grew up with many hobbies such as playing sports, drawing and playing the piano. I graduated from Lindblom Math & Science Academy where I ran track, cross country and played tennis.

Westwood CDC offered me an opportunity to work virtually as a social media employee.  It granted me experience in researching and posting important nearby updates and news to their social media platforms.


I am thankful for this opportunity because I am still able to engage with a young audience despite what’s happening, while also having fun. 

james bio.jpg

Morgan Stanford-Peterson

My name is Morgan I was born and raised in Chicago.  I graduated from Morgan Park High School, Class of 2020.  I will be continuing my education at Malcolm X College majoring in nursing. I was captain of the girl soccer team. I have a heart for children. I love to travel. I'm a very outgoing person. I love to engage with the children. 


My dream place to travel will be to Dubai and Paris. Playing soccer and listening to music is  my way of meditation . Westwood CDC offered me an opportunity to work virtually as a passport camp counselor.  It granted me experience working with children. I am thankful for this opportunity because I had the chance to work with some of these same children for three summers straight. I'm thankful for this experience because it better prepared me for the future since I want to work as a pediatric nurse.


Nia Huguley

My name is Nia Huguley, and I am a proud Chicago resident. I just graduated from Kenwood Academy High School, and will further my education at Morgan State University where my major will be Nursing in this upcoming fall. I have a strong care for young children, hence my intended career path which is to be a Neonatal Nurse and to be a part of the Pediatric unit. 

Westwood CDC gave me this opportunity to work for the summer, and I have worked with Passport for two years. Both times including this year, I have been employed as a camp counselor working with children. We have made it our responsibility to make sure the children in this program enjoy their summer as best as they can. These children are amazing and this opportunity has given me great experiences working with young children. I am so grateful and I appreciate this opportunity.   I can’t wait for what’s next.

Nia H

Derrick Walton

My name is Derrick Walton. I am about to experience my second year of college at DePaul University after graduating from Jones College Prep. Some of my hobbies include things like playing video games, listening to hip-hop, looking up things in Google Maps and looking up people’s opinions on subjects I am passionate about. This includes cartoons, video games, hip-hop and R&B music, and sports. My favorite foods to eat are chicken and pizza.

I plan to be a business manager when I grow up. I would most likely want to combine management with statistics, preferably with sports or technology in general. Westwood CDC offered me an opportunity to work virtually as a research employee. This year helped me gather some experience in locating grants and also creating/updating websites.


I am thankful for this opportunity because participating in this summer camp will most likely help me later down the line.

derrick W.jpg

Reina Huguley

My name is Reina Huguley, a Senior at Kenwood Academy. I am a singer, hard worker, and future Pediatrician.  This is my 2nd year working for Passport and it has been an amazing experience for me. Westwood CDC offered me an opportunity to work virtually as a research employee. It granted me experience in getting to know more about what a grant is.


I am thankful for this opportunity because it’s given and is still giving me an experience to work with amazing children and teach them about different things.   I am currently researching for different grants to help strengthen Westwood CDC's non-profit organization due to Covid-19 pandemic. 

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