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Passport To Employment

Hope for the Hopeless

Through our Community Development, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. A key areas of focus is unemployment.  We have been increasing employ-ability among low income communities for over the past twenty years. 


We seek to help opportunity youths aged between 16-24,  who are at-risk, unemployed and live in disadvantage areas.  We prepare you for the workforce through mentoring and professional development.  

Contact us if you are seeking employment & training during the summer months.  Annual applications begin in April for a late June/early July start.  Program training is a 7-week duration.

Get in touch with us today.

Food Pantry

Food for the Hungry

Everyday there are millions of people who still need meals to thrive and survive.  With unemployment, stagnant wages and the rising costs of living, many are faced with the choice to either eat or have shelter.  Children and Seniors are most at risk.  

We seek to aid those in who are in need.  Our food pantry services the community twice every week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  We service approximately 1,600 families every year.  Those who are in need can come and receive supplemental food items to help with this crisis.

Move that Academic Needle

Care for Those in Need

WCDC seeks to build teacher capacity through use of personalized series of professional developments and results based off of the campus needs assessments.  We focus on data analysis and instructional action plans to strengthen student growth areas.  We are addressing the educational issues plaguing our underprivileged communities.  

We will help your organization to obtain the growth that is needed!

 If interested in this program, please email us by using the link below.

Boomers to Techies

Bridging the Digital Divide Gap

Making connections today is easy, or is it?

For some people, like our senior citizens and baby boomers, life has made them more isolated. Seniors aren’t eager adapters of machinery. We want our seniors to become “Techies”, but it isn’t that easy. It takes time, patience and the willingness to become enthusiastic about technology, especially computing.

WCDC will deliver conventional wisdom to help diminish the “digital divide” between our young and older individuals.  Many may suggest that the elderly may not have the dexterity to operate the technology of today.  This is not the case.  Though many seniors are no longer a part of the workforce, they have the willingness to stay informed and abreast of modernity.

Celebration of Joy

Overcoming Adversity

We support youth and adults who are in the midst of overcoming physical and mental trauma.  This program aims particularly at labels such as "autistic", "gang-related" and "inner-city" because each label means that success and learning opportunities are extremely limited.

We seek to expose them to the Arts through Classical music and concerts 4 times a year.  Our concerts feature people who have overcome debilitating circumstances.

Our first concert & fundraiser occurred on November 17, 2017 at the Kroc Center. 

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