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Passport 2 Adventure


Edition 2020


Grant your child an adventure during this Covid-19 pandemic.  It wasn't fair that our children was forced to give up some of their activities, but it was absolutely necessary.  

So why not give your child an opportunity to venture out of Chicago and into some virtual field trips around the United States and beyond.  

Our FREE Virtual Summer Camp begins July 6, 2020
Passport to Adventure Virtual Camp

We offer Arts & Crafts activities, educational learning adventures, virtual field trips around the world, and we even complete exercises daily!

Campers will have 2 VIRTUAL sessions daily, Mondays through Thursdays.  Session one is a 1 hour academic opportunity to learn from 10 am to 11 am.  with Arts & Crafts.

Session two is a 1 hour opportunity to travel and complete exercises to get that heart pumping from 1:00 pm till 2:00 pm.

Camp begins July 6 and sadly ends August 13, 2020.

Contact us today to take part of the FREE adventure.